What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work is putting so much effort for the result but smart work is just thinking to do the work in short to achieve goal. Hard work is time taking and smart work is time consuming, hard work is just doing without thinking and smart work is thinking before doing and hard work is physical and mental stress. 

And smart work is a work there is no stress and the company need smart workers than hard workers because they save money effort and time which leads to success and growth of the company.


If someone is doing hard work than he/she may not have vision and goal but only see that how work can complete and be complacent. And if someone is doing smart work, he/she may be having vision, goal and focus on his/her work and may reach to the day of success.


The work which is done directly without thinking once is hard work and the work which is done by thinking and doing easily without manhandling is called smart work.