261. Fill in the blanks :What is the time ---------- your watch?

         ক. by

        খ. in

        গ. at

        ঘ. with

 উত্তর : ক. by


262. Fill in the blinks: “Give my ___to him”.

         ক. Warm compliment

        খ. Compliments

        গ. Best compliment

        ঘ. Heartiest compliment

 উত্তর : খ. Compliments


263. “Caesar and Cleopatra”  is-

         ক. A tragedy by Shakespeare

        খ. A play by G. B. Shaw

        গ. A poem by Lord Byron

        ঘ. A novel by S.T. Coleridge

উত্তর : খ. A play by G. B. Shaw


264. `Justice delayed is justice denied' was stated by -

       ক. Shakespeare

       খ. Emerson

       গ. Gladstone

       ঘ. Disraeli

উত্তর : গ. Gladstone


 265. `syntax' means -

       ক. Supplementary tax

       খ. Sentence building

       গ. Manner of speech

       ঘ. Synchronizing

উত্তর : খ. Sentence building


266. Choose the correct sentence -

       ক. He was hunged for murder

       খ. He has been hunged for murder

       গ. He was hanged for murder

       ঘ. He had been hunged for murder

উত্তর : গ. He was hanged for murder


267. Choose the correct sentence -

       ক. The rich is not always happy

       খ. Rich is not always happy

       গ. The rich is not happy always

       ঘ. The rich are noy always happy

উত্তর : ঘ. The rich are noy always happy


 268. What is the synonym of `Incite' ?

       ক. Urge

       খ. Permit

       গ. Instigate

       ঘ. deceive

উত্তর : গ. Instigate


 269. What is the antonym `Honorary' ?

       ক. Literary

       খ. Honorable

       গ. Salaried

       ঘ. Official

উত্তর : গ. Salaried


 270.  What is the verb of the word ability?

       ক. Ableness

       খ. Enable

       গ. ably

       ঘ. able

উত্তর : খ. Enable


271. Who is poet of the Victorian age?

       ক. Mathew Arnold

       খ. Helen keller

       গ. Shakespeare

       ঘ. Robert Browning

উত্তর : ঘ. Robert Browning


272. Who is the author of `For Whom the Bell Tolls' ?

       ক. Lord Tennison

       খ. Homer

       গ. Charles Dickens

       ঘ. Ernest Hemingway

উত্তর : ঘ. Ernest Hemingway


 273. Fill in the blanks He has assured  me_______safety ?

       ক. with

       খ. of

       গ. for

       ঘ. at

উত্তর : খ. of


274. May Allah help you. What kind of sentence is this ?

       ক. Assertive

       খ. Imperative

       গ. Optative

       ঘ. Exclamatory

উত্তর : গ. Optative


275. A rolling stone gathers no moss. what rolling' is ?

       ক. Gerund

       খ. Participle

       গ. Verbal noun

       ঘ. Adjective

উত্তর : ঘ. Adjective


 276. He has been ill___Friday last. Fill in the blanks.

       ক. in

       খ. since

       গ. from

       ঘ. on

উত্তর : খ. since


 277. Which is the noun of the word beautiful ?

       ক. Beautify

       খ. Beauty

       গ. Beautifully

       ঘ. Beautious

উত্তর : খ. Beauty


278. Hold water means -

       ক. keep water

       খ. Store

       গ. Bear examination

       ঘ. Drink water

উত্তর : গ. Bear examination


279. Out and out means -

       ক. Noat at all

       খ. Man of outside

       গ. To be last

       ঘ. Throughly

উত্তর : ঘ. Throughly


280. Choose the correct alternative to correct the sentence. He ………. to see us if he had been able to do . 

       ক. Would come

       খ. Would have come

       গ. may have come

       ঘ. may come

উত্তর : খ. Would have come