201. Are you doing anything special the week-end?

ক. in

খ. for

গ. on

ঘ. at

সমাধানঃ ঘ.


202. What is the synonym of ‘incredible’?

ক. Unbelievable

খ. Unthinkable

গ. Unlikely

ঘ. Unthinking

সমাধানঃ ক. Unbelievable


203. What is the antonym of ‘famous’?

ক. Oraque

খ. Obscure

গ. Illiterate

ঘ. Immature

সমাধানঃ খ. Obscure


 204. plebiscite is a term related to

 ক. medicine

খ. Technology

গ. Law

ঘ. Politics

 সমাধানঃ ঘ. Politics


205. People always remember patrots-Which of the following is the best passive form of the above sentence?

ক. The patriots will always be remembered by people

খ. The patriots are always being remembered

গ. People are always remembered by the patriots

ঘ. The patriots are always remembered by the people

 সমাধানঃ ঘ. The patriots are always remembered by the people


206. Who wrote ‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’?

ক. Shakespeare

খ. Wordsworth

গ. Keats

ঘ. Eliot

সমাধানঃ গ. Keats


207. Which of the following ages in literary history is the latest?

 ক. The Augustan Age

খ. The Victorian Age

গ. The Georgian Age

ঘ. The Restoriation Age

 সমাধানঃ গ. The Georgian Age


207. Many islands make up-

ক. an isles

খ. an archipelago

গ. a peninsula

ঘ. continent

সমাধানঃ খ. an archipelago


208. A speech full of too many words is-

ক.A big speech

খ.Maiden speech

গ.An unimportnt speach

ঘ.A verbose speech

সমাধানঃ A verbose speech


209. To meet trouble half way means-

 ক.To be puzzled

খ.To get nervious

গ.To be disappointed

ঘ.To bear up

সমাধানঃ To be puzzled


210. ‘Paradise lost’ attempted to

 ক. Justify the ways of man to God

খ. Justify the ways of God to man

গ. Show that the satan and God have equal power

ঘ. Explain why good and evil are necessary.

 সমাধানঃ Justify the ways of God to man


211. What is the meaning of the idiom ‘a round doezn’?

ক. A full dozen

খ. A little less than a dozen

গ. A little more than a dozen

ঘ. Round about a dozen

 সমাধানঃ A full dozen


 212. What is the meaning of ‘soft soap’?

ক. Flattry for softmotives

খ. To speak ill of others

গ. To speak high of others

ঘ. To recognise other’s good deeds

 সমাধানঃ Flattry for softmotives


213. You should show good manners in the company of young ladies-Which is the appropriate phrase for the underlined expression above?

ক. Behave gently

খ. Practice manners

গ. Behave yourself

ঘ. Do not talk rudely

সমাধানঃ Behave gently


214. The invention of computer has turned over a new leaf in the history of modern technology- which of the following is nearly the same in meaning to the italicized idiom above?

ক. Created a new history

খ. Began a new civilization

গ. Opened a new chapter

ঘ. Created a new sensation

 সমাধানঃ Opened a new chapter


215. Trying unitedly we were able to have our project approved against strong oppositions which of the following says nearly the same as against above?

ক. In the wake of

খ. In the guise of

গ. In the plea of

ঘ. In the teeth of

সমাধানঃ In the teeth of


216. Not many people can commit such a heinous crime in cold blood.what does the italicized idiom above mean?

 ক. In cool brain and calculeted thought

খ. So patiently and thoughtfully

গ. So impatiently and thoughtlessly

ঘ. Stirred by sudden emotion

 সমাধানঃ In cool brain and calculeted thought


217. The condition of the most slum dwellers is so miserable that it cannot be described in words. Which is the best phrase of the underlined expression above?

ক. Beggars description

খ. Cuts to the Quick

গ. Boils down to this

ঘ. Keeps open house

 সমাধানঃ Beggars description


218. People who assume that no evil can befall them are foolishly-

 ক. Ardent

খ. Complacent

গ. confident

ঘ. apprehensive

সমাধানঃ Complacent


219. One who undully forwards in rendering services for others is not generally licked in society- Which of the following words represents truly the character of the person mentioned above?

ক. Benevolent

খ. Official

গ. Officious

ঘ. Bureaucratic

সমাধানঃ Officious


220. What kind of man is quite the opposite type of “supercilious”?

 ক. Affable

খ. Haughty

গ. Disdainfull

ঘ. Wicked

সমাধানঃ Affable