Read the following passage and answer questions number 99-102 that refer to the passage.

 The gypsies are a tribe of strange people. They do not have any fixed home, but wander about from place to place and live in tents. They were originally natives of India. But as they reached England from Egypt, the Enghish took them for Egyptians. This is why they came to be called gypsies. They were believed to possess strange powers. They could tell your fortune by reading the palm of your hand. It was thought they stole little children to train them in their way of life. Whenever a child was lost, it was thought that it had been carried away by gypsies. So they were arrested and sent for trial. But this attitude towards the gypsies has gradually changed.

৯৯. The gypsies are people who ‒ .

 ক. have a settled way of life

খ. come originally from Egypt to England

গ. are always on the move

ঘ. steal children to train them in their way of life

উত্তর: গ. are always on the move


১০০. The gypsies like to live in tents because ‒ .

ক. it is easy to hide stolen children in a tent

খ. it is easy to read one’s palm inside a tent

গ. it is easy to bring them from Egypt

ঘ. it is easy to pitch them

উত্তর: ঘ. it is easy to pitch them


১০১. ‘The English took them for Egyptians’ means ‒ .

ক. The English took them to the Egyptians

খ. The Enghlish considered them to be Egyptians

গ. The English were taken in by the Egyptians

ঘ. The English brought them as far as to Egypt

উত্তর: খ. The Enghlish considered them to be Egyptians


১০২. Attitude towards the gypsies ‒ .

ক. are still the same as before

খ. have not much changed over the years

গ. can change once they stop stealing children

ঘ. have shown sings of change

উত্তর: ঘ. have shown sings of change


Choose the one word of phrase that best completes the sentence:

১০৩. The tree has been blown ‒ by the strong wind.

ক. away

খ. up

গ. off

ঘ. out

উত্তর: গ. off


১০৪. No one can ‒ that he is clever.

 ক. defy

খ. admire

গ. deny

ঘ. denounce

উত্তর: গ. deny


১০৫. A reward has been announced for the employees who ‒ hard.

ক. have worked

খ. has worked

গ. will be work

ঘ. have had worked

উত্তর: ক. have worked


১০৬. To ‒ the arrival of spring, Bangladesh Television ‒ a special function.

 ক. commemorate : launched

খ. announce : telecast

গ. celebrate : organized

ঘ. welcome : sanctioned

 উত্তর: গ. celebrate : organized


Each question below consists of a related pair of words. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


 ক. retrain : compose

খ. agitate : trouble

গ. upset : perturb

ঘ. stimulate : cool down

 উত্তর: ঘ. stimulate : cool down



ক. related : halt

খ. block : obstruct

গ. drag : procrastinate

ঘ. detain : dispatch

 উত্তর: ঘ. detain : dispatch



ক. penury : wealth

খ. chaos : disorder

গ. monarchy : republic

ঘ. verbosity : words

উত্তর: ক. penury : wealth



ক. wound : heal

খ. victim : attend

গ. antidote : counteract

ঘ. diagnosis : cure

উত্তর: ঘ. diagnosis : cure


Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence:

১১১. ‒ glass is, for all practical purposes, a solid, its molecular structure is that of a liquid.

ক. Because

খ. Since

গ. Although

ঘ. If

উত্তর: গ. Although


১১২. The intensive search was conducted by the detectives to locate those criminals who ‒ .

ক. have had escaped

খ. had escaped

গ. are escaping

ঘ. have been escaping

উত্তর: খ. had escaped


১১৩. The intellectual can no longer be said to live ‒ the margins of society.

ক. against

খ. beyond

গ. inside

ঘ. before

উত্তর: খ. beyond


১১৪. According to the conditions of my scholarship, after finishing my degree ‒ .

ক. my education will be employed by the university

খ. employment will be given to me by the University

গ. the University will employ me

ঘ. I will be employed of the University

উত্তর: গ. the University will employ me


১১৫. If a substance is cohesive, it tends to ‒ .

ক. retain heat

খ. bend without too much difficulty

গ. stick together

ঘ. break easily

উত্তর: গ. stick together


১১৬. He stopped his car ‒ when the light turned red.

ক. abruptly

খ. equitably

গ. ambiguously

ঘ. incisively

উত্তর: ক. abruptly


Each sentence contains two blanks. Choose the set of words for each blank that best completes the sentence.

১১৭. The influence of the technological revolution in ‒ and ‒ the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few should worry us all.

ক. proliferating ‒ diminishing

খ. undermining ‒ neutralizing

গ. accelerating ‒ intensifying

ঘ. aggravating ‒ demolishing

উত্তর: গ. accelerating ‒ intensifying


১১৮. Few people would care to take the negative side of the proposition that the women of the world are ‒ and ‒.

ক. admired ‒ provoked

খ. oppressed ‒ scorned

গ. rebuked ‒ regaled

ঘ. slighted ‒ celebrated

উত্তর: খ. oppressed ‒ scorned


১১৯. Anger, even when it is ‒ has one virtue, it overcomes ‒.

ক. sinful ‒ sloth

খ. unnecessary ‒ malice

গ. inevitable ‒ desire

ঘ. intense ‒ hate