৬১. Chosse the correct sentence:

        ক. Rahim ate almost the whole fish

       খ. Rahim almost ate the whole fish

       গ. Almost Rahim ate the whole fish

       ঘ. Rahim ate the whole fish almost

 উত্তর : ক. Rahim ate almost the whole fish


৬২. Choose the right preposition for the sentence:

      She argued ___ me about the marriage.

       ক. with

       খ. for

       গ. to

       ঘ. from

 উত্তর : ক.  with


৬৩. Choose the right preposition for the sentence:

      I count ___ your help.

       ক. after

       খ. upon

       গ. for

       ঘ. with

 উত্তর : খ. upon


৬৪. Identify the correct passive form- Open the window.

       ক. Window should be opened

       খ. Let the window be opened

       গ. Let the window be opened by you

       ঘ. The window must be opened

 উত্তর : খ. Let the window be opened


৬৫. Choose the appropriate meaning of the idiom- Swan song

        ক. First work

       খ. Last work

       গ. Middle work

       ঘ. Early work

 উত্তর : খ. Last work


৬৬. Complete the sentence: Trees have ___ off their leaves.

        ক. thrown

       খ. fallen

       গ. cast

       ঘ. put

উত্তর : গ. cast


Each question below consists of a related pair of words; select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

 ৬৭. Submission- Yielding

       ক. Subjection- Liberation

       খ. Restrain- Indulge

       গ. Complaint- Acquiescent

       ঘ. Restriction- Relaxation

উত্তর : গ. Complaint- Acquiescent


৬৮. Vacilate- Hesitate

       ক.  Persevere- Waiver

       খ. Impulsive- Deliberate

       গ. Obstinate- Accommodating

       ঘ. Irresolute- Indecisive

 উত্তর : ঘ. Irresolute- Indecisive


৬৯. Assert- Dissent

       ক. Affirm- Object

       খ. Reject- Disapprove

       গ. Acknowledge- Recognize

       ঘ. Endorse- Ratify

উত্তর : ক. Affirm- Object


৭০. Distort- Twist

       ক. Straighten- Bend

       খ. Defor- Reform

       গ. Harmonize- Balance

       ঘ. Observe- Blur

উত্তর : গ. Harmonize- Balance


Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

 ৭১. Government has been entrusted __ elected politicians.

       ক. with

       খ. for

       গ. to

       ঘ. at

উত্তর : গ. to


৭২. He has paid the penalty __ his crimes __ five years in prison.

       ক. for, with

       খ. at, by

       গ. about, a t

       ঘ. after, in

উত্তর : ক. for, with


৭৩. The path ___ paved, so we were albe to walk through the park.

       ক. was

       খ. had been

       গ. has been

       ঘ. being

উত্তর : খ. had been


৭৪. In spite of my requests, he did not __.

       ক. give in

       খ. fall in

       গ. get off

       ঘ. give forth

 উত্তর : গ. get off


৭৫. The children studied in a class room __ windows were never opened.

        ক. that

       খ. which

       গ. where

       ঘ. Whose

উত্তর : ঘ. whose

Fill in the gaps by choosing one word from the choices given.

 ৭৬. To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced __.

        ক. food

       খ. diet

       গ. outlook

       ঘ. figure

উত্তর : খ. diet


৭৭. We must keep our fingers __ that the weather will stay fine for the picnic tomorrow.

       ক. raised

       খ. pointed

       গ. lifte

       ঘ. crossed

 উত্তর : ঘ. crossed


৭৮. They have __ their support for our case.

        ক. pledged

       খ. disavowed

       গ. provided

       ঘ. defered

 উত্তর : ক. pledged


Chosse the correct meaning of the following words:

৭৯. Cul-de-sac

       ক. selection

       খ. dead end

       গ. error

       ঘ. bubble

উত্তর : খ. dead end


৮০. Parcel

        ক. Quarrel

       খ. Piece of land

       গ. Postage

       ঘ. Unobstructed view

উত্তর : গ. Postage