২১. Fill in the blank of the following sentence with the right form of verb. if  I _____  a king!

       ক. am

       খ. was

       গ. were

       ঘ. shall be

 উত্তর : গ. were


২২. Tiger : Zoology :: Mars : -

       ক. Astrology

       খ. Cryptology

       গ. Astronomy

       ঘ. Telescopy

উত্তর : গ. Astronomy


 ২৩. Maiden speech means -

       ক. Frist speech

       খ. Middle speech

       গ. Maid servent's speech

       ঘ. Final speech

উত্তর : ক. Frist speech


২৪. N.B stands for -

       ক. Note before

       খ. No bar

       গ. Non bearing

       ঘ. Nota bene

 উত্তর : ঘ. Nota bene


২৫. What is the masculine gender of "mare" ?

       ক. Mermaid

       খ. Bear

       গ. Stallion

       ঘ. Dog

 উত্তর : গ. Stallion


২৬. Botany is to plants as Zoology is to -

       ক. Flowers

       খ. Rivers

       গ. Mountains

       ঘ. Animals

 উত্তর :  ঘ. Animals


২৭. elect the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.  Conscious- Careless

       ক. Careful- Indifferent

       খ. Graceful- Ugly

       গ. Generous- Unkind

       ঘ. Well-informed- Knowing little

 উত্তর : ক. Careful- Indifferent


২৮. Handy

       ক. comfortable

       খ. useful

       গ. convenient to handle or use

       ঘ. necessary

 উত্তর : খ. useful


২৯. Viable

       ক. possible

       খ. that can be done

       গ. capable

       ঘ. that will work

 উত্তর : ক. possible; খ. that can be done; গ. capable


৩০. Choose the correct meaning of the following words: Gullible

        ক. foolish

       খ. willing to believe anything or anyone

       গ. simple

       ঘ. easily deceived

 উত্তর : খ. willing to believe anything or anyone


৩১. The second World War broke __ in september, 1939.

        ক. through

       খ. away

       গ. out

       ঘ. in

উত্তর : গ. out


৩২. The government gave __ the demands of the people.

        ক. into

       খ. in

       গ. to

       ঘ. over to

 উত্তর : খ. in


৩৩. She is beautiful, but she is __ her mother.

       ক. most beautiful

       খ. less bueautiful

       গ. as beautiful

       ঘ. not so beautiful as

 উত্তর : ঘ. not so beautiful as


৩৪. The ministers arrived __ a decision last night.

       ক. to

       খ. at

       গ. on

       ঘ. by

উত্তর : খ. at


৩৫. I thought that __ was the last one.

        ক. the most prettiest of all

       খ. prettiest one of all

       গ. the prettiest one from all

       ঘ. the prettiest one of all

 উত্তর : ঘ. the prettiest one of all


৩৬. I don’t think you will have any difficulty __ a driving license.

       ক. to get

       খ. in getting

       গ. for getting

       ঘ. get

উত্তর : ক. to get


৩৭. Please __ the necessity of arriving early.

        ক. emphasise about

       খ. emphasise to

       গ. emphasise on

       ঘ. emphasise

 উত্তর : গ. emphasise on


৩৮. At least one of the students __ full marks every time.

       ক. get

       খ. are getting

       গ. gets

       ঘ. have got

 উত্তর : গ. gets


৩৯. My wife reminded me __.

        ক. of my appointment

       খ. to go my appointment

       গ. to my appointment

       ঘ. my appointment

উত্তর : ক. of my appointment


৪০. The team is __ eleven players.

       ক.  made of

       খ. made up of

       গ. made up

       ঘ. made

 উত্তর : খ. made up of